Against actual existing neoliberalism! (Policing Crowds)

Jens Sambale

Picture showing: Jens Sambale
Jens Sambale

Jens Sambale studied Political Science in Frankfurt/M. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität), Berlin (Freie Universität) and Los Angeles (UCLA) and finished with a thesis about the class character of environmental regulation in Southern California. 

After graduation I worked in different research projects (most of the time had to find the funding myself) around homelessness, housing, labor and social policy. The unifying theme: Urbanization.

This took me to some quite interesting places meeting hilarious people. Thanks to Twitter, we still share everyday details, mundane as they are. A handful of books came out of this too.

Other than that, research is a thankless task in Germany and don’t get me started ...

To paraphrase Allen Ginsberg I saw the best of my generation accepting jobs at the fringes of the computer industry and followed suit. An education is a terrible thing to waste.

Workwise, it is all text at the end of the day: Be it science, journalism, HTML, CSS or Typoscript (some would claim marketing is text too and since I went that low in writing let me assure you it is not and in no way coherent text). That being said only the academic texts are going to last, the rest wont even make it to print most of the time (as they should not).

Yes, I mean to put some of my writing here and yes I am seriously tempted to go back at least part time.

Thanks for your attention, appreciated!


PS: And now a little experiment: I want to check whether or not the new rel=author and rel=me links in Google actually work: